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More roads shutting down during home football games

CPD will close more roads this year because of confusion over traffic lights and illegal parking.

Expect major road closure during MU home football games.

According to a Columbia Police Department news release, a sizable section of the Old Route K at the West Outer Road of Providence will be closed during the duration of home games. The closings will begin just south of the bridge past MU tennis courts to the north drive of Providence Hill Apartments, the release stated. The roads will be sealed off three hours in advance before each game, and the closures will last until the end of each home game.

Eastbound traffic will also be restricted on Walnut Street from Second Street to Providence Road. Northbound and southbound cars are still permitted to turn onto Walnut Street going east or west, according to the release. Traffic on Providence Road will still be able to turn onto Ash and Walnut streets.

Road closures are not a new occurrence during MU home games. However, a road closure this expansive is a new tactic implemented this year in order to combat road collisions during game season traffic, according to the release.

“For the Walnut and Ash roads, this is the first year for (road closures)," CPD Public Information Officer Bryana Larimer said. "But the old Plank Road — that has been consistently closed every year."

Larimer said the road closures off of Walnut and Ash are because of the lights going eastbound to westbound at those intersections.

“Last year when they tried to do it, the lights were flashing red eastbound to westbound traffic, and they had yellow lights flashing during Providence and there were some near-misses at those intersections because of confusion about the lights,” Larimer said. “This year we decided on some safety precautions to block off the eastbound to westbound traffic at those intersections.”

The CPD release also cited illegal parking, pedestrian safety and emergency vehicle access as reasons for the more extensive traffic control.

Road closings will begin at noon Saturday.

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