MU protests inspire conversations at other colleges

Days after two university administrators stepped down, colleges across the country stood in solidarity.

The efforts lead by activist group Concerned Student 1950 at MU have influenced a movement at Ithaca College in upstate New York. Students organized a walkout in an effort to recognize the struggles that students of color face and to organize efforts to force Ithaca College president Tom Rochon to give up his position as head of the university.

Protesters gathered at Ithaca’s Freedom Rock at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, then proceeded to lay on the ground in an act of defiance for 20 minutes, demonstrating the students’ discontent with Rochon’s lackluster responses to student issues.

However, Ithaca College isn’t the only university influenced by the domino effect of racial activism prompted by MU. Using the hashtag #ConcernedStudent1950, colleges around the nation are expressing their support for the movement.

to the students of color at mizzou and yale, i, a student ally at uchicago, stand with you in support & solidarity #concernedstudent1950

— Eleanor Carpenter (@ellybean13) November 11, 2015 Students at Yale University are also siding with the efforts of Concerned Student 1950 after race relations have also been called into question on the Ivy League campus. After the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity allegedly held a “White Girls Only” party, and a mass email was sent to students discouraging them from policing offensive halloween costumes, tension has been steadily reaching a tipping point that has evolved into marches and protests. The Ethos Political Action Committee at Wellesley College sent out a mass email to students in light of the credible threats that were made over social media. “To #ConcernedStudent1950, in response to your courageous organizing of Black students at the University of Missouri, we, the Black community at Wellesley, extend ourselves in gratitude and solidarity,” The email said. “We recognize and identify with your struggle to cultivate a space of inclusion at an institution that was not built for you, but was built on your backs. Our hearts are heavy with the knowledge that it took Black members of the football team refusal to play, Jonathan Butler compromising his body through a hunger strike, and media attention for the members of the administration to respond to your concerns.” The email also recognized that students issues regarding racism on campus is not limited to MU, and admitted that Wellesley has also been unresponsive to racial issues facing their students, and called upon the university to alter its attitudes towards students of color.

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