MU student dies in car crash

The blue 1999 Chevrolet Camaro was severed in half by a utility pole and then landed on its top.

A vehicle crash took the life of MU freshman Elizabeth Upton early Sunday morning.

Twenty-seven-year-old Bradley Gilman from Fulton was driving a blue 1999 Chevrolet Camaro on Creasy Springs Road and Prairieview Drive while Upton was a passenger in the vehicle, according to a Columbia Police Department news release.

Around 12:30 a.m., the vehicle slammed into a concrete curb, slid sideways off the road and collided with a ditch, the release stated. The vehicle was then airborne until it was severed in half by a utility pole. It then rolled over multiple times, finally landing on its top off the roadway in a line of trees.

Gilman was not wearing a seatbelt and was ejected during the crash. He is currently being treated for life-threatening injuries. MU Hospital officials said Gilman is in critical condition. Upton was wearing a seatbelt and was pronounced dead at the scene as a result of her injuries.

Officers are investigating whether excessive speed or alcohol and drugs were factors in the crash.

CPD is continuing to investigate the crash.

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