Nixon pulls in more donations than Hulshof

Nixon's campaign has raised almost three times the money.

In the Missouri gubernatorial campaign, Democratic candidate Jay Nixon continues to secure his financial lead over Republican candidate Kenny Hulshof.

As of Monday, eight days before the general election, Nixon gathered more than $2.3 million in contributions, bringing the total funds for the election to more than 16 million, according to the Missouri Ethics Commission.

Reports from the commission show Hulshof raised more than $1 million as of Monday and $5.3 million overall.

Nixon has received $553,998.04 since the report was issued. This number was especially large because of a contribution from the Missouri Democratic Party of over $300,000. Hulshof, in comparison has received $33,348, from various sources.

Nixon spent more than double the amount of Hulshof's campaign in the final period before the election and almost three times the amount of money during the campaign. Nixon has spent approximately $13.2 million on his campaign. Hulshof has spent approximately $4.9 million.

Denise Roth Barber, research director of the National Institute on Money in State Politics, said Hulshof's run against State Treasurer Sarah Steelman in the primary election gave him a disadvantage against Nixon financially. Nixon ran unchallenged in the Democratic primary and had stated his intent to run for the governor's mansion as early as 2005.

"Through the primary, the Republican candidates had to vie for the same money," Barber said. "Democratic donors didn't have to choose. There was no competition for the same money on the Democratic side."

Nixon raised $5.7 million before the election, more than double the amount Hulshof accumulated. Steelman raised $2 million in the primaries, drawing away funds from Hulshof.

Nixon heads into the home stretch with just less than $1.7 million on hand, about three times the amount of Hulshof, who has about $600,000.

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