Nuccio plans to 'raise some hell'

A lot of bar owners seem to have a full job just policing their own joints, but Eastside Tavern owner Sal Nuccio wants to add First Ward councilman to his job description and call attention to a need for reform downtown.

Nuccio announced his intention to run in the April 2008 election last September, but along with Marlon Jordan and incumbent Almeta Crayton, he still has to file his paperwork with the Boone County clerk's office.

Candidates Karen Baxter, John Clark and Paul Sturtz brought their paperwork to the clerk's office on Oct. 26, the first day candidates could file. Each petition must have a minimum of 50 signatures from registered voters in the First Ward, and the deadline for candidates to file their petitions is Jan. 28.

Nuccio's job as owner of Eastside Tavern separates him from the other people running, First Ward resident Melissa Stemme said. Stemme, who said she plans to vote for Nuccio, said his concerns relate directly to bringing order to the downtown area.

"The thing about Sal is that he's a law-and-order candidate," Stemme said. "He wants downtown to be patrolled better."

Bill Haring, who said he'll vote for Nuccio, said no one is more familiar with the strip of Broadway between Tenth Street and Hitt Street than Nuccio. Nuccio used to own The Penguin Dueling Piano Bar across the street from Eastside Tavern before he had to sell it because the building began to fall apart.

"He's been around the block," Haring said, gesturing toward the Penguin on the other side of the street. "He used to own all that."

Nuccio said as First Ward councilman, he wants to cause a commotion.

"Just gonna raise some hell," he said.

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