Opus Group’s District Flats, TODD Student Living on schedule

Two developments, District Flats and Todd Student Living, will open August 2015.

Throughout the past year, residents of Columbia and students at MU have been introduced to two student housing development projects located near campus.

These developments — the Opus Group’s District Flats at the corner of Locust and Eighth streets, and Todd Student Living at the corner of Fifth Street and Conley Avenue — are scheduled to open in August 2015.

Complications in the process of new student housing development were seen last year with Aspen Heights, a student housing complex located in south Columbia.

A September 2013 Maneater article reported that Aspen Heights had promised a move-in date of July 27, 2013 to student leaseholders, but when faced with conflict from inclement weather and a change in construction contractors, was forced to push back move-in to July 30, then again to Aug. 1.

By Aug. 21, a total of 80 students were still living in temporary housing that had been arranged by the complex.

Following this construction conundrum, lasting public concern over the on-schedule completion of the latest additions to MU student housing has been evident. Despite the complications with Aspen Heights as well as concern that developments will not be completed on time, both student living complexes are scheduled to be move-in ready by their projected dates.

District Flats will be completed for residents to move in on Aug. 15, 2015, said Joe Downs, Opus Real Estate Development senior director.

“The Opus Group has a long history of successfully completing Class A+ construction projects on schedule with the utmost quality,” Downs said.

District Flats will primarily comprise one- and two-bedroom apartments, but will also feature some four-bedroom units with a 259-bed total. Each residence will feature a private bathroom for each bedroom, a washer and dryer, stainless steel appliances and granite countertops, a complete furniture package and a flat-screen television, Downs said.

The complex will offer amenities such as tanning beds, a movie theater and a cyber café. Downs pointed to the complex’s downtown location as another primary appeal.

“The location allows students to maximize their collegiate experience on many levels,” Downs said.

District Flats’ monthly rent options will start at $650, with tenants who sign earlier receiving better floor plans and prices, Downs said.

Development for TODD Student Living is also on schedule, its representatives said, with a set move-in date of Aug. 16, 2015.

Contrary to the Aspen Heights development plan, TODD Student Living has scheduled their construction completion date two months prior to the move-in date.

“We have had a great response in leasing number due to our location on campus and next to Greek Town,” Saad Arij, regional representative for TODD Student Living said. “We hope to continue our marketing efforts to spread the word about TODD and give Mizzou students the opportunity to learn about us and hopefully choose to live with us in the coming months.”

TODD, like District Flats, features an emphasis on more upscale living and student-oriented facilities, its developers said.

According to the TODD Student Living website, the community includes a “variety of 2, 3 and 4-bedroom apartments and spacious 4-bedroom 2-story townhomes,” and “with designer interior finishes and resort-style community amenities,” TODD claims to offer “an upscale alternative to dorms, student co-ops, or other traditional student housing.”

Both companies have set up physical leasing offices near campus. TODD’s office is across from Middlebush Hall on University Avenue, and District Flats’ office is in the former Blue Fugue space on Ninth Street.

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