Planes, trains and automobiles: spring break edition

Plenty of options exist to get from Columbia to your destination.
Megabus offers daily rides to Kansas City, St. Louis and Chicago for as cheap as $1 depending on when a reservation is made. Other transportation options out of Columbia include the MO-X airport shuttle, flights from Columbia Regional Airport and the Amtrak train out of Jefferson City. Courtesy of

If you're looking for a way out of Columbia last-minute, here are your options:

Airports: If you need plane tickets to get to your vacation, you could be in luck. Kansas City and St. Louis both have airports, as does Columbia. Kansas City International offers parking for between $6 and $20 a night, and Lambert-St. Louis International Airport has parking for between $7 and $22 nightly. Columbia Regional Airport now offers flights to Memphis and connects to other cities from there. Parking at the airport is free.

Megabus: This daily bus system picks you up at Wabash Station in Columbia and travels to Kansas City, St. Louis and Chicago. Fares can be as cheap as $1 if you book early, but get more expensive as seating is taken.

MO-X: The MO-X airport shuttle service offers 12 daily round trips to St. Louis and five to Kansas City. Prices are cheaper if you buy online; a one-way trip is $43 to $51 and a round trip is $81 to $96.

Amtrak: If you can catch a ride to Jefferson City, about 30 miles south of Columbia, you can grab a train ride to Kansas City or St. Louis. Tickets are usually between $20 and $40 one-way. The train runs daily.

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