Police arrest suspect in fight at Kappa Alpha house

Junior Quinn Damon was arrested Sunday morning on charges of third-degree assault.

Police arrested junior Quinn Damon after he got into a fight with members of the Kappa Alpha fraternity for pretending to be a member of the house.

Damon, 21, and some of his friends went to the Kappa Alpha house at 2:22 a.m. Sunday morning and pretended to be a member of the house.

"When members of the house confronted them about not being members, it looks like the suspect got into it and hit the victim who actually confronted him about not being a house member," Columbia Police Department spokeswoman Latisha Stroer said.

Damon and the victim got into a fight, and the victim was transported to the hospital for a laceration on the bridge of his nose, a purple and swollen upper lip, a large bump on the left side of his face and possibly a broken nose, the report stated.

Officers spoke with the victim at the hospital, who was able to help identify the suspect.

"The officers went there, and I guess somebody knew him from another fraternity," Stroer said.

Damon, who is a member of Sigma Chi, was arrested at 3:47 a.m. at the corner of University Avenue and Lawrence Place.

He was arrested for third-degree assault and was released from Boone County Jail on a $500 bond. Stroer said she was not aware if alcohol was involved, but said assaults like these are fairly common.

"I would not say anything like this is rare," Stroer said. "Whenever there's drinking and partying going on, there's always a chance that something like this could happen."

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