Police blotter (4/15/2011)

The following investigations are in progress, and the following people were arrested or issued summons, according to police reports.

Windows shattered during physical assault

Evelynne P. Dunkin and her boyfriend were arguing Monday when police were called to their apartment at 2309 W. Broadway.

The couple had been arguing for nearly an hour when officers were called, Columbia Police Department spokeswoman Jill Wieneke said in an email. When they arrived, police learned that Dunkin had been intoxicated and hit her boyfriend, causing his face to swell.

Dunkin also shattered the windows in the apartment and left when her mother arrived to take her somewhere else. Police found Dunkin at her mother's house and arrested on suspicion of third-degree domestic assault and second-degree property damage.

Police investigate sword assault

Officers were called at 3:09 p.m. Tuesday to 13 Comanche Court after a victim reported he was assaulted with a sword.  

While he was dropping off his friend at the address officers responded to, the victim got into a verbal argument with Verona M. Tatum, Wieneke said. Tatum came over to the victim's car where he was sitting and continued to yell at him. Tatum was wielding a large sword. She stuck the sword in the window and touched the victim's leg, but did not cut him. Tatum was arrested for unlawful use of a weapon.

Grindstone Canyon residents evacuated after truck crashes into building

Officers responded to a car accident at Grindstone Canyon Apartments after a vehicle struck Building G of the complex, a report from the Columbia Police Department stated, Wieneke said.

At 12:48 a.m. Thursday, a Ford F-150 struck the building, causing significant damage to the apartment. The Columbia Fire Department evacuated occupants of the complex for the night.

The driver, junior Kyle Gowen, and passenger, senior Hasban Shaikh, were the only people in the vehicle. Medics treated both occupants due to the air bags being deployed in the truck, Wieneke said.

Gowen received a ticket for careless and imprudent driving and failure to provide proof of insurance. He was tested for evidence of intoxication, but was not impaired.

Intoxicated student reportedly trespasses at Kappa Alpha house

Officers responded to a disturbance at the intersection of South College Avenue and Anthony Street for a disturbance after sophomore Benjamin E. Slover refused to leave the Kappa Alpha house, Wieneke said.

Kappa Alpha fraternity members called police at 4:07 a.m. Thursday after Slover refused to leave the Kappa Alpha property. Slover damaged a car in the parking lot by hanging on the mirror and breaking it, a CPD report stated. Slover, 20, was visibly intoxicated. Police arrested him on charges of second-degree property damage and purchase or possession of alcohol by a minor.

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