Police blotter (5/6/2011)

The following investigations are in progress, and the following people were arrested or issued summons, according to police reports.

Police make arrest over argument involving Xbox

Police arrested Sanchez Callaway on Monday morning after an argument about living arrangements.

Callaway was arrested around 10:47 a.m. at 260 Southampton Drive after police were called to the disturbance. When police arrived, the female victim reported that the evening before, she and Callaway, the father of her children, were arguing over their living arrangements.

Callaway left the house and kicked her car, breaking the driver's side head light, the victim told police. The following day, Callaway and the victim were driving in the victim's car, when Callaway demanded the family Xbox. She said she would not give the Xbox away, so Callaway took her cell phone. When she reached for it, he bent her finger to prevent her from obtaining it. The victim's left ring finger was injured and received x-rays and treatment.

Callaway was arrested on suspicion of second-degree domestic assault, second-degree property damage and theft.

Student arrested for inappropriately touching classmate

A 17-year-old student informed a school resource officer Tuesday at the CORE School at 4600 Bethel Road that a male student had touched her inappropriately.

At approximately 12:30 p.m., the female victim reported that Ae'Shionne Z. Saunders intentionally touched her right leg at her knee and then proceeded to run his hand six to eight inches toward her waist without her permission. She said that she pushed Saunders' hand away, and then soon after Saunders used his right elbow to touch the right side of her breast. Saunders was arrested on suspicion of first-degree sexual misconduct.

Violent fight leads to arrest

Officers responded to a report of a fight during a party Wednesday evening at 301 Brewer Drive.

When officers arrived at the residence, homeowner Nohle Jensen answered the door and denied that the event occurred. Nohle's knuckles were bloody, and there was blood on his right palm. His brother Kaden Jensen came to the door wearing a shirt with blood stains and defense wounds on his right arm.

Kaden Jensen said a fight did occur, and Nohle Jensen was arrested on suspicion of third-degree domestic assault and a nuisance party. The other people at the residence refused to leave upon officer request.

Student arrested after punching boyfriend in face

Two students were arrested Tuesday night at Campus Lodge Apartments after MU Police Department officers responded to a call of domestic assault.

Sophomore Cameryn Davis was arrested on suspicion of third-degree assault at about 11:45 p.m. after an argument with her boyfriend.

"The female punched him in the face and scratched his neck," MUPD Capt. Brian Weimer said. "It was an argument over him having contact with other girls."

Upon arrival, MUPD officers also arrested sophomore Kevyn Gandaho on suspicion of possession of drug paraphernalia with intent to use.

"Officers observed a glass bowl pipe with burnt marijuana residue and a dugout on the bed," Weimer said. "There was also a small metal pipe on the desk with two sets of rolling papers."

Davis was taken to Boone County Jail and released Wednesday on $1,000 bond.

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