Police continue search for Kylan Stubler

Stubler, 17-years-old, disappeared April 21.

The Columbia Police Department is continuing its search for 17-year-old Kylan Stubler after he disappeared April 21.

CPD has received no updates on where Stubler is or why he disappeared.

CPD spokeswoman Latisha Stroer said he was seen April 21 at the Break Time on Conley Avenue and in the parking lot of the Dollar General.

“He’s an adult, so he can come and go as he pleases, and he doesn’t have to answer to anyone,” Stroer said.

CPD spokeswoman Jill Wieneke said since Stubler is legally an adult, he cannot be considered a runaway. He has been filed as a missing person.

“With missing persons, sometimes we’ve had it happen where there’s people that just leave the area or don’t want to deal with family anymore, or for whatever reason they decide to leave and not tell anyone,” Wieneke said.

Investigators are currently trying to decide if Stubler decided to leave voluntarily.

“As for any hardcore evidence one way or another, it's tough to tell when we don’t have any information that says, ‘Hey, this person voluntarily is not being found’ or ‘Hey, this person is involuntarily not being found’ so that’s what the investigators are trying to work to figure out,” Wieneke said.

Wieneke said in cases of kidnapping, there is a full-scale investigation.

“Kidnapping is obviously different, because that you’re talking about a criminal offense, so we’re looking for someone that we know is absolutely in danger, if they’ve been kidnapped and the circumstances surrounding it,” Wieneke said.

CPD does not know whether this is a kidnapping or if Stubler left on his own.

Stubler’s family is offering a $10,000 reward to whoever can help find him.

According to a flyer made by his family, “The reward will be issued to the person or persons that are responsible for Kylan’s safe return home or for information leading to the arrest and conviction to the person or persons responsible for Kylan’s disappearance.”

Wieneke said she has not seen a reward offered for a missing person during her time with CPD. She also said she is not involved in every case so she doesn’t know if this is a first.

Stubler is described as approximately 6 feet tall and about 155 pounds.

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