Police find weekend burglar hiding in bedroom

The suspect was charged with sexual misconduct and two counts of burglary.

Columbia Police Department officers arrested a suspect in two separate burglaries during the weekend.

Police responded to a burglary report at Gatehouse Apartments after a victim reported that a man broke into her house while she was asleep and put his arm around her, a CPD news release stated.

Officers were dispatched 2:37 a.m. Sunday to a burglary report at the Gatehouse Apartments after a 16-year-old victim told police she had been asleep in bed and was awakened by a man putting his arm around her and touching her, the news release stated.

“It looks like he entered through the front window of the apartment,” CPD spokeswoman Jill Wieneke said. “The screen was removed, so it looks to me like the window was left unlocked.”

The victim screamed at the man, who then fled the apartment.

At 4:06 a.m., officers were dispatched to another burglary at 2400 W. Broadway, when residents reported they saw someone in the residence. The residents also reported that the front door was open, as well as a window that had not been open previously, Wieneke said.

Officers searched the residence and located the suspect, 20-year-old Juan D. Calvo-Espinosa, hiding in a bedroom.

“Detectives interviewed Calvo-Espinosa and he made incriminating statements which implicated him in the earlier burglary at Gatehouse Apartments,” the news release stated.

Calvo Espinosa was arrested on charges of sexual misconduct and two counts of burglary.

No victims were harmed in either of the incidents, Wieneke said.

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