Pornography investigation leads to arrest

The Boone County Sheriff's Department arrested Quinndale F. Allen, a 17-year-old from Columbia, on charges of promoting first-degree child pornography.

"This arrest stems from a two-month investigation by the Mid-Missouri Internet Crimes Task Force into the promotion of child pornography over the Internet," a news release from the Mid-Missouri Internet Crimes Task Force stated.

On Sept. 7, the task force was able to connect to Allen's computer, and they discovered that out of 75 files being shared over the Internet, 12 files had names consistent with child pornography.

According to court documents, "three of the videos depicted the sexual molestation of pre-pubescent children."

On Sept. 13, the task force confiscated Allen's computer, which Allen admitted he had child pornography videos on. Police believe that although the videos were found on his computer, Allen did not produce them and instead downloaded them from the Internet, the news release stated.

Members of the task force arrested Allen at his home.

"The arrest went smoothly," said Detective Andy Anderson of the Mid-Missouri Internet Crimes Task Force. "Allen did not put up a fight."

Allen is being charged with two counts of promoting first-degree child pornography, and a bond is set at $10,000 for each count, according to Missouri court documents.

Allen was ordered by the court to have no contact with anyone under the age of 18 and is not allowed to be in the possession of a computer.

The police are not looking for any accomplices.

"Allen is the sole suspect of this investigation," Anderson said.

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