The Reserve not exactly the perfect match

If I had to, I could live here again ... However, I do have the choice and I am choosing to move.
Photo of The Reserve.

Sometimes, I still get flashbacks to freshman year — straighteners everywhere, loose hair covering the tiled floor, trying to fit 30 shampoo bottles in a one-square-foot shower. The horror.

Getting my own bathroom was a priority when the time came to find my own apartment with my three other roommates. With that priority, The Reserve has fulfilled and even exceeded my wishes.

However, in pretty much almost everything else, The Reserve has been almost painfully mediocre.

We got the fully furnished apartment and let me tell you, if I never have to sit on that leather couch again, it will be too soon. The apartment is small and the appliances are loud, which creates for a fun game of “turn the TV up as loud as you can when the dryer is on.”

However, the amenities are nice. I’ve used the study center more than once, including printing last-minute tickets for game day, which was a lifesaver. Also, if you are not exactly obsessed with working out, the gym is really handy and so close. The pool is absolutely fantastic during the warmer months.

In addition, when we signed our lease, the City of Columbia hadn’t yet banned private shuttles from parking in front of the Student Center. While this isn’t really The Reserve’s fault, we were promised a private shuttle to and from campus. Instead, we were given bus passes and have to ride CoMo Connect, which is just a whole other mess in itself. There is still a weekend shuttle, but the private shuttle to and from classes was a major selling point and we were surprised when we no longer had that option.

Fortunately, that has not been much of a problem, as even though we have to take the city bus, The Reserve is only two or three stops away from campus. When the buses are on time, you can get to school pretty quickly.

If I had to, I could live here again and continue living a pretty happy, carefree life. However, I do have the choice, and I am choosing to move.

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