Residential burglary near Blue Ridge Road

This incident is not connected to other recent events with young suspects.

A 17-year-old Columbia man was arrested Wednesday morning following a burglary at a residence, according to the Columbia Police Department.

Officers were dispatched to the 2400 block of Blue Ridge Road after being alerted about a possible burglary in progress, according to a news release. Upon arrival, officers saw two suspects running from the back of the residence and arrested Dreshawn Marshall after a short foot chase. The other suspect was not apprehended.

Marshall was arrested on suspicion of second-degree burglary, felony resisting arrest and felony stealing.

There was no one home at the time of the burglary, CPD spokeswoman Stephanie Drouin said. She was unable to say if anything was taken from the residence.

"That is currently still under investigation," Drouin said.

There was no connection between this incident and recent events with young suspects, such as the shooting Monday at Douglass Park, Drouin said.

The Columbia Public School District was notified about the burglary and, as a precautionary measure, Blue Ridge Elementary School, Lange Middle School and Oakland Junior High School were locked down, according to the news release. The schools were notified due to their proximity to the burglary. The lockdown lasted from 8:47 to 9:32 a.m.

The schools were not involved in the incident and students were not in danger, according to the news release.

The district locks down schools because of external threats several times a year, Columbia Public Schools spokeswoman Michelle Baumstark said.

"It depends on the situation, the proximity to a school building and if the people believe there is any immediate threat," she said.

The school district didn't know if this was a direct threat but decided to lock down the schools as a precaution, Baumstark said. She said the police told the school district there was a burglary in progress and that one suspect had not been apprehended.

"The police gave us some information, and we felt that it would be the appropriate action to lock down the schools," she said.

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