Roommates' dispute over music ends in assault

Police say similar calls are likely as snow traps people in apartments and homes.

A fight between roommates over music led to physical violence, causing the Columbia Police Department to arrest senior Chelsea Ladd on Friday.

Ladd, 21, reportedly slapped her roommate after Ladd told the victim she was being inconsiderate for playing her music too loud. She then came into the victim’s room and tried to turn the music down. When the victim prevented her from touching the stereo, Ladd slapped her.

CPD officers were dispatched at about 11:30 a.m. on Jan. 28 to an apartment complex on Fourth Street where the two roommates live.

“The suspect admitted that she slapped her (roommate),” a report from CPD stated. “She said she should not have, but it was just a reaction because the roommate prevented her from turning it down. The victim said she and her roommate had problems.”

Ladd was arrested for one count of third-degree domestic assault and her bond was set for $1,000. She has since been released from jail.

“It sounds like these roommates have issues,” CPD spokeswoman Jill Wieneke said.

The victim did not claim to have any injuries.

Wieneke said reports about roommate conflicts are fairly common for both CPD and the MU Police Department, but it would be difficult to estimate a number of how many roommate conflicts occur on average.

“We handle a lot of roommate issues,” Wieneke said. “It ranges from everything from roommates letting other people come into their apartment to actually people getting intoxicated and fighting. With the amount of students we have being a college town, we get a lot of roommate complaints. Sometimes they are things the police can’t even handle -- it’s just roommate intervention.”

Wieneke said the department could see more of these calls because of the inclement weather.

“I’m sure we’ll probably get even more, since everyone is trapped inside because of the snow days,” she said.

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