Stay safe on snowy streets

Police responded to more than 200 snow related accidents during last month’s snowfall.
Columbia saw another round of snowfall, which began accumulating Monday. There were about 25 vehicle accidents between noon and 2 p.m. in the Mid-Missouri area, according to the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

With snowfall predicted this week, preparation is key to ensuring vehicle safety.

With more than 200 snow-related vehicle accidents in a single day during December’s snowfall, the city is recommending drivers exercise caution this week.

The city uses a priority system when deciding which streets are most important to plow. This allows roads to get cleared at a faster and more efficient rate for each part of the city, Columbia Public Works spokeswoman Jill Stedem said.

“The priority system is made up of first and second priority streets, and in the event of snow reaching more than four inches we go into overtime for either priority,” she said.

Stedem said streets that carry the most traffic, along with streets that carry school traffic, will usually get the most attention.

“In order to be safe, people should check conditions online and make sure to wear warm clothes and possibly invest in a four-wheel drive car,” freshman Hannah Pederson said.

Freshman Christian Cea said she felt that going the extra mile to anticipate the worst in winter weather is a vital key to success while driving.

“Look around the area that your car is in a pick up the snow beforehand,” he said. “Pre-salting the driveway also helps because it makes the area more prone to being safe and not slippery.”

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