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Student organizations, administrators condemn Gateway Hall vandalism

The incident is the second anti-Semitic act of vandalism at the hall this school year.

The Department of Residential Life reported another incident of anti-Semitic vandalism in Gateway Hall on Monday.

According to an MU Police Department report, “Hitler rules” was written on a flyer on the first floor of the hall. Earlier this year, a swastika was drawn in feces in a Gateway Hall bathroom.

Interim Chancellor Hank Foley and interim Vice Chancellor for Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Chuck Henson condemned the acts in a statement released Tuesday afternoon.

“This type of vandalism attacks everyone,” the statement reads. “Our core values — including that of Respect — must become more than words on paper or a banner. They are the foundation of who we desire to be as a campus community and the way we all need to conduct ourselves.”

The MU Jewish Student Organization also released a statement “strongly condemning” the vandalism, which was described as the fourth use of Nazi symbolism at MU within the last twelve months.

“This type of hate speech isn’t merely an attack on religious minorities; it also targets other cultural and ethnic groups,” the statement reads. “This act occurred in a residence hall, a place students call home. Home should be a haven where people feel safe from hatred. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the residents of Gateway Hall and with the Mizzou community at large.”

Residence Halls Association President Billy Donley and Vice President Rachel Thomas also released a statement concerning the incidents.

“Even though we learn our University’s four core values the moment we step on campus, it is disheartening there are still members in our community who do not understand them,” the statement said. “When we choose to act against others in harmful and destructive ways, we choose to disobey moral obligations and hurt the community and its members.”

Donley and Thomas ultimately called for increased accountability amongst all students.

“In the end, it is the action or inaction of the students that sets the tone for what is expected of the rest of their time at this University,” the statement said. “We will not falter in our fight against injustice, no matter the severity, because ultimately it is up to us to change the culture on our campus.”

MUPD Spokesman Maj. Brian Weimer said there were no further developments on the case.

According to statements from MU administration, the incident is still being investigated by MUPD and the Office for Civil Rights and Title IX.

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