Suspect drives through checkpoint, flees on foot

Eleven people were arrested during the sobriety checkpoint.
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A driver reportedly fled his vehicle and evaded one of the Boone County Sheriff’s Department’s periodic sobriety checkpoints before being arrested Sunday night.

The driver, identified as Lucas Wren, of Ashland, drove past the checkpoint. An officer then stopped the vehicle, causing the driver to flee on foot, Boone County Sheriff’s Department Capt. Gary German said.

The Columbia and Hallsville Police Departments conducted a lengthy search of the area and located the driver. He was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated.

“It seems like this happens once or twice a year,” German said. “It’s not real common.”

The checkpoint was held on St. Charles Road, and officers checked approximately 135 vehicles throughout the evening.

During the checkpoint, police arrested 11 people on charges ranging from driving while intoxicated to misdemeanor resisting arrest.

Fewer vehicles were stopped at this week’s check as opposed to past ones. In August, 299 cars were stopped, and nine DWI arrests were made.

“It could be a number of different circumstances, whether it be what’s going on in town, or the weather,” German said. “It seems like, if it’s a cold night and dreary weather, then folks usually don’t seem to be out as much.”

These checkpoints are held periodically throughout the year and are funded by grants.

“They raise awareness to the public and hopefully they’ll try to utilize a designated driver instead of getting behind the wheel,” German said. “Also, they hopefully reduce the number of accidents involving impaired drivers.”

The sobriety checkpoint coincides with other drunk driving reducing efforts within the Boone County Sheriff’s Department this month.

“Besides the officers that are regularly out there, we’ll probably have one or two saturations during the month of March,” German said. “We’ll probably be doing something in relation to St. Paddy’s Day. It seems like we’re always doing something to get impaired drivers off the roadways.”

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