Suspect in weekend homicide turns himself in

Deangelo T. Grant is charged with of second-degree murder, armed criminal action and first-degree burglary.

Following a weekend homicide, Deangelo T. Grant turned himself into the U.S. Marshals Service late Tuesday in Jefferson City.

The 26-year-old who resides at 2221 Primrose Drive is charged in with the shooting death of Donnell G. Coleman late Sunday evening.

“Through a series of interviews and in the course of the investigation, we developed a probable cause to obtain a warrant for Deangelo T. Grant,” Boone County Sheriff's Department Detective Tom O’Sullivan said.

Grant is charged with of second-degree murder, armed criminal action and first-degree burglary.

“Law enforcement is actively seeking Mr. Grant at this time,” O’Sullivan said before Grant turned himself in. “We’re going around, knocking on doors, checking places and people that he’s been known to associate with. We’re trying to pick him up. He already has warrants out for him.”

The Boone County Prosecuting Attorney issued Grant’s arrest warrant late Tuesday afternoon. He also had outstanding warrants in Lafayette County for illegal drug violations and Platte County for passing bad checks.

“He’s been wanted for some time,” O’Sullivan said. “He obviously has been avoiding us previous to this incident.”

O'Sullivan said his department is working with the agency Grant turned himself into to facilitate a meeting.

Deputies from the department responded to a call at about 11:35 p.m. Sunday evening that reported the homicide.

“Upon arrival, officers discovered a man in the residence who had been shot in the chest,” O’Sullivan said. “There were individuals trying to perform CPR on him. Our officers came over and brought the medics in, but they weren’t able to revive him.”

After suffering a gunshot wound to the chest, Coleman was pronounced dead on the scene.

O'Sullivan said according to a 25-year-old woman who was at the residence when the incident occurred, a few men forcibly entered through the front door displaying guns. When the victim stood from the couch, the suspects almost instantly shot him in the chest and fled the scene. A 4-year-old girl was also present at the shooting.

Witnesses told investigators the men left in a dark sedan, O'Sullivan said. The Mid-Missouri Major Case Squad was activated Monday morning to aid in the investigation.

The woman identified Grant as the shooter from a photo lineup. She couldn’t identify the second suspect, however.

“The investigation is still underway,” O’Sullivan said. "We’re still trying to determine the identity of the second suspect.”

O’Sullivan urges anyone with information on the other suspect or the homicide in general to contact CrimeStoppers at (573) 875-TIPS. He promises all confidantes will remain anonymous.

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