Sophomore among two suspects arrested in Aspen Heights shooting

Leonard Jordan and MU sophomore Christopher Herron were arrested Sept. 27.

Local law enforcement officers responded Sept. 27 to early morning reports of gunfire on property at the Aspen Heights housing complex.

According to a Columbia Police Department news release, officers were dispatched to the 3500 block of Aspen Heights Parkway at 2:13 a.m. after receiving multiple phone call reports of shots fired.

Upon arrival to the scene, officers located a vehicle with a bullet hole through both the driver’s side door and window, along with a 22-year old female victim inflicted with a non-life threatening wound. She was later sent to a hospital for examination.

In a statement released to residents and parents of students living in Aspen Heights, John Kendrick, interim general manager for Aspen Heights, reported multiple individuals had been taken into custody following the incident and the Aspen Heights staff was working closely with the Columbia Police Department to keep all of its residents as safe as possible.

“At the time that this incident took place, our control access gate was fully operational and our on-site security team and courtesy officer immediately responded to the situation,” Aspen Heights spokesperson Stuart Watkins said.

Shortly following the incident, Columbia detectives arrested two 19-year old men, MU sophomore Christopher Herron and Grandview, Missouri resident Leonard Jordan. The two were charged with second-degree assault and unlawful use of weapons with a $4,500 bond per charge.

According to witness reports, Herron was seen firing a gun into the air at the time of the disturbance, with Jordan opening fire shortly thereafter.

Herron and Jordan were arrested at 3:57 and 4:34 a.m. respectively, and have since been transported and released to the Boone County Jail.

In light of the incident, measures have been taken to promote safety and monitor guest admittance at Aspen Heights, Watkins said.

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