Three arrested in cocaine operation

Investigators found large amounts of cash and a handgun at the scene.

The Boone County Sheriff’s Department found ounces of cocaine and about $8,000 in cash while executing a search warrant Monday morning, according to a Boone County Sheriff’s Department news release.

The Boone County SWAT team also discovered a handgun and additional evidence of cocaine distribution and sales when they entered the residence to serve the warrant, according to the release. Two suspects attempted to destroy some of the cocaine by flushing it down a toilet and throwing it into a sink filled with water.

The warrants were served simultaneously on both sides of a duplex located at 5321 Ponderosa St., the release stated. The warrants were the result of a sheriff’s department investigation which revealed that the occupants of both units were working together in a significant and regular cocaine distribution operation.

Michael J. Walker Jr., 25; Matthew R. Olsson, 32; and Corey W. Everage, 32, were arrested on charges of distribution of a controlled substance, among other charges.

Detective Sgt. Britt Shea declined to give details about the investigation that led to the warrants.

“It was a fairly routine investigation, which is to say we used our normal investigative techniques and normal personnel,” Shea said. “This was a unique investigation in that Michael Walker, I think, was a significant cocaine dealer who was very active and involved in the cocaine business in Boone County.”

Around 20 search warrants dealing with drug investigations were executed last year, Shea said. Drug arrests are made every day, but they don’t always involve search warrants.

“We have drug arrests being made on a daily basis, and we don’t have any quotas that we have or try to meet as far as writing search warrants,” Shea said. “When we gather enough information, probable cause, to present to a judge for a search warrant, we will do that.”

Walker was on Missouri parole for distribution of a controlled substance, according to the news release. Olsson is listed in the Boone County Sheriff Offenders List as a registered sex offender and was also arrested Monday for failure to notify law enforcement of address change.

“I believe Mr. Olsen and Mr. Walker were on probation or parole for prior offenses, and I believe they are in the process of having their bail revoked,” Shea said. “Walker has already had his parole revoked, and Mr. Olsen will be having his bail revoked shortly if it hasn’t already been done. Both will be sent back to the Department of Corrections because of prior offenses.”

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