TigerTown downtown festival canceled for fall

Organizers cite lack of adequate funding among reasons for the cancellation.
MU is planning to create Tiger Town for its first season in the SEC. Tiger Town will begin at Elm and Eighth streets in anticipation of the larger game day crowds.

TigerTown, a block party-style event planned for two MU home football games, has been canceled for this year.

"There's only one main reason," said Greg Steinhoff, one of the main organizers of the event. "We spent a lot of time planning the event and there was not enough time to go out and sell the event."

According to a news release issued by the event organizers, the cancellation was due to a variety of factors, including a lack of sufficient funding. Organizers said they could not get enough sponsorship money to fund the event itself.

The two planned TigerTown events were to be held on Sept. 8 and Oct. 13, before MU’s home games against new Southeastern Conference opponents Georgia and Alabama, respectively. Both will prospectively be the most heavily attended games this year.

The original plan was to close off Eighth St. from Broadway to Elm before the games, and the event was to feature everything from food, games and even athlete appearances.

"There was a million details," Steinhoff said. "I think it takes a couple of years of planning. You have fifteen thousand people coming to town and you have a lot of things that you have to be really well planned for. Everything from liquor licenses to Porta-Potties to extra security to creating an entertaining environment."

Steinhoff also said part of the challenge in selling TigerTown is that MU has not had an SEC game yet.

"Unless we have someone who wants to put down a huge amount of money, it's really too close to September 8th to pull it off now," he said. "I think we are probably better off taking all of the work we spent trying to plan this event and using it for next year."

Bob Gerding, another TigerTown organizer, said the group is still looking into holding the event next year.

"We are taking our time and taking a breath going forward," he said.

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