Two of eight people injured in three car collision

One man's injuries were life threatening.

Three vehicles collided Tuesday evening, resulting in two injuries.

According to a Columbia Fire Department news release, fire fighters were called at 5:31 p.m. to the intersection of McBaine Avenue and West Worley Street after they were told the accident required an extrication rescue.

Columbia Police Department spokeswoman Jessie Haden said via e-mail the crash started when the male driver of a 1999 Chrysler Sebring rear-ended a red 2003 Dodge Ram while it was sitting at a stop sign on Garth Avenue. The front bumper of the Sebring lodged into the rear of the Ram.

As the driver of the Ram got out of his car, the driver of the Sebring dislodged his vehicle and fled the scene.

The Ram driver re-entered his vehicle and followed the Sebring to the intersection of the collision.

“The Sebring failed to stop at a stop sign on McBaine at Worley,” Haden said.

The car then collided with a black 1998 Dodge Dakota, which was eastbound on Worley. The Dakota pushed the Sebring into a white 2002 Chevy Silverado, which was stopped at a stop sign.

Battalion Chief James Weaver said two of the eight involved in the crash were injured, the driver of the Sebring and a female passenger in the Dakota. Both were transported to hospitals from the scene.

The man went to the University Hospital while the woman went to the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, the news release stated. The man’s injuries were life threatening.

Haden said the man was in good condition Wednesday.

The release said the Sebring was effectively T-boned by the Dakota, and the driver was trapped inside. Firefighters rescued the man with specialized hydraulic equipment. The equipment, commonly referred to as the Jaws of Life, helped free the man.

“We have spreaders and cutters that are used to open doors and cut metal away so we can remove it from around the patient and remove the patient,” Weaver said.

This extrication equipment located on fire trucks is used commonly in car crash rescues, Weaver said.

“Whenever the passenger compartment is compromised to the point that firefighters are unable to open the door normally, we use the extrication equipment to open the doors or lift the dash up off of legs, whatever is necessary to remove the vehicle from around the person,” Weaver said.

The collision caused major damage to the Sebring, Dakota and Silverado. The Sebring suffered damage to its front end, along both sides and its windshield. The front end of the Dakota was damaged and the Silverado received a blow to its driver’s side.

Haden said the accident reports on this case might not be filed for another couple of weeks. Because the apparent instigator of the crash was hospitalized, the investigation has been ongoing.

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