U.S. Senate candidates reach out through student groups

The campaigns aim to reach out to younger demographics.
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Missouri’s U.S. Senate candidates, Roy Blunt and Robin Carnahan, have reached out to college students to form student groups in favor of their campaigns on the MU campus.

“Mizzou Students for Robin Carnahan” and “Students for Roy Blunt” are headed up by junior Bryan Weintrop and senior Anna Osterlind, respectively, who have both served as interns for their candidates.

Carnahan spokesman Linden Zakula said the goal of a group in support of Carnahan on the MU campus is to bring together students who believe in her philosophies.

“'Students for Robin' brings together young Missourians that share Robin’s commitment to education,” he said. “Robin knows education is about laying down the foundation for a bright future so that our students can compete globally in a 21st century economy. Robin is going to be on the side of students.”

Weintrop said that as the leader of Carnhan’s group at MU, he serves as a spokesman for Carnahan’s campaign and is in contact with heads of the campaign to make sure he is conveying Carnahan’s ideas.

Weintrop said that the group’s goal is to raise awareness for younger voters of Missouri and that he organizes ways the group can volunteer.

“I’ve made myself available to students that are concerned about the campaign,” Weintrop said. He said students who want to find ways to get involved in the group can reach him through Facebook.

Osterlind said in an e-mail that students will play a key role in the Blunt campaign as well.

“Students will be one part of the equation to help Roy win next week,” she said. “More and more young voters are paying attention to what’s going on in Jefferson City and Washington, because we realize that it’s our future that these politicians are leveraging, and the only real say we have is our vote next week.”

Both Blunt and Carnahan have organized student support groups similar to those at other universities across the state.

“We actually have 30 campus chairs from colleges and universities across the state who are helping get students involved and excited about this election,” Osterlind said. “We as students are uniquely affected not only by the short term consequences of the current agenda but also by the long term costs, so it’s important that we’re educated about the consequences of our vote and are involved in the political process.”

Carnahan also has initiated student groups at Missouri State University, University of Missouri-Kansas City and Truman State University.

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