Video released explaining how to survive an active shooter on campus

MU Police Department Maj. Brian Weimer: “It’s a way to get good information out to the community.”

MU Operations along with the MU Police Department released an informational video online Wednesday titled “Surviving an Active Shooter.”

The five-minute video highlights the “Run. Hide. Fight.” campaign, as trademarked by the City of Houston. Students and staff are shown what to do if an active shooter opened fire on campus through dramatized events and steps laid out by MUPD Maj. Brian Weimer.

Weimer said the video’s release was not correlated to any one recent national event, and that its main focus was to create awareness around campus.

“It’s a way to get good information out to the community on what they can do to be prepared if a situation like this were to happen,” he said.

If students or staff receive an MU Alert about an active threat, the video states their best option is to run from the situation and notify others. In the video, Weimer said once students reach a safe place, they should contact family members in order to limit the number of calls police dispatchers receive.

The next scene illustrates a lecture hall where shots can be heard in the distance. The video explains that if exiting the building isn’t an option, the next alternative is to hide.

“Turn off the lights, lock the door, and find a way to barricade the entry point,” Weimer said in the video.

If the first two options aren’t possible, the final reaction offered by the video is to find anything nearby that can be used as a weapon and defend yourself against the shooter.

Weimer said MUPD has done other active threat programs in the past, so the video was just another tool to help provide students and staff with important information.

The end of the video provides a link to information about MUPD training on active threats on campus.

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