What's new at Mizzou

Pepsi instead of Coke

Pepsi products have replaced Coca-Cola products in campus dining halls and food courts. Pepsi made the lowest bid to Campus Dining Services to earn the contract.

Tiger Spot

Multiple factors contributed to MU's decision to replace Tiger Spot. When the mosaic will be replaced and what will replace it are unknown.

New A&S dean

Michael O'Brien begins his first school year as dean of the College of Arts and Science. Before his appointment, he was associate dean of the college for 20 years.

Kenneth Lay

Kenneth Lay, former CEO of Enron and MU benefactor, died July 5. He donated more than $1 million to the university in 1999 and a chair in his name is unfilled in the Department of Economics in the College of Arts and Science.


Mesa Air will now make four daily flights, two to St. Louis and two to Kansas City, out of Columbia Regional Airport.

Francis Quadrangle

Construction on the new Reynolds Journalism Institute, which was scheduled to open in Fall Semester 2007, is taking longer than expected, leaving half of Francis Quadrangle covered in rocks and littered with construction equipment.

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