Interactive Map: Greek houses make accessibility updates

A Maneater survey shows MU’s Greek chapters have continued to make their houses more inclusive for all students.
An obstructed Greek Town sidewalk on Rollins Street on April 19. The photo was recreated in the same sport from a photo taken on March 31, 2015.

Last year’s long read “Accessibility in Greektown” found that only three Greek chapter houses were completely accessible. This year, The Maneater surveyed all 41 chapters with houses on campus and asked them to provide updates on the accessibility of their buildings. Because Greek chapters are private clubs, they are not legally required to provide disability accommodations.

For this survey, Greek chapters were asked to describe their houses’ accessibility based on the same five metrics The Maneater used for the long read: first-floor bedrooms and bathrooms, an elevator, and accessible front and side entrances. Our survey found only five houses met all five accessibility requirements, and they are shown on the map below with green dots. New features and houses undergoing renovation or being rebuilt are noted with asterisks and color coding. Click through our interactive map below to explore individual house's accessibility features.


Blue = renovating (new features show in blue)

Red = Did not comment (last year’s floor plan shown)

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