Maneater Long Reads: Accessibility in Greektown

While some fraternity and sorority houses have been updated, many remain inaccessible to students with physical disabilities.

In August, freshman Scarlett Hunter hit a bump in the road no one had prepared for.

It was the first day of formal sorority recruitment, and Scarlett was one of 1,987 women combatting the Missouri humidity in search of the perfect Greek chapter. Everything was going well — someone gave her a ride to the Missouri Theatre on a golf cart and even gave Scarlett her number in case she needed a ride again the next day. Scarlett visited half of the sorority houses throughout the day and headed home to Dogwood.

Scarlett, who uses a wheelchair, texted the woman with a golf cart the next morning to ask for a ride. “We’re not using the golf carts for that now,” she responded. “You’re just gonna have to take yourself over there.”

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