Maneater Long Reads: Two Years, No Progress

MU has taken few steps toward providing new graduate student housing and child care since a walkway in the University Village housing complex collapsed, and graduate students want the university to recognize their needs.
Building 707 sits vacant, without a balcony, March 1, 2014, at University Village. The Missouri Students Association recently passed legislation urging the university to either repair demolish the complex. Maneater File Photo

Leaky windows, cracked ceilings and roof and deck instability were just a few ongoing concerns for University Village.

The graduate student housing complex, built in 1956, wasn’t meant to last more than 25 or 30 years, Director of Residential Life Frankie Minor told The Maneater in 2009.

Architectural firm Mackey Mitchell stated that University Village was in poor condition and should be demolished in its 2008 Graduate and Family Housing Master Plan.

But MU deemed the demolition — estimated to cost $1.6 million — too expensive.

So instead, the university made repairs. Reporting by KOMU showed that between 2009 and 2014, MU poured over $1 million into fixing up the dilapidated complex.

In the early morning hours of Feb. 22, 2014, University Village, which also housed the Student Parent Center, was evacuated after reports of a roof collapse in one of the units. During the evacuation process, a walkway gave way, killing Columbia firefighter Lt. Bruce Britt.

Monday is the two-year anniversary of the collapse.

In the time following University Village’s shutdown and demolition, MU has provided no new child care or housing options to replace those at University Village.

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