Mizzou votes: The results of the 2016 election

Students around campus took to the polls today. Here's how the results are looking for Missouri.

The Maneater will be following the election results as they come out during the evening after 7:00 p.m., when the polls close. Check back here for updates on Missouri and Columbia news as well as presidential news.

U.S. President

Hillary Clinton | Timothy Kaine - Democratic Party

Donald Trump | Michael Pence - Republican Party (won)

Gary Johnson | Bill Weld - Libertarian Party

Darrell Castle | Scott Bradley - Constitution Party

Jill Stein | Ajamu Baraka - Green Party

U.S. Senator

Jason Kander - Democratic Party

Roy Blunt - Republican Party (won)

Jonathan Dine - Libertarian Party

Fred Ryman - Constitution Party

Johnathan McFarland - Green Party


Chris Koster - Democratic Party

Eric Greitens - Republican Party (won)

Cisse Spragins - Libertarian Party

Don Fitz - Green Party

Lester Benton Turilli, Jr - Independent Party

Lieutenant Governor

Russ Carnahan - Democratic Party

Mike Parson - Republican Party (won)

Steven R. Hedrick - Libertarian Party

Jennifer Leach - Green Party

Secretary of State

Robin Smith - Democratic Party

John (Jay) Ashcroft - Republican Party (won)

Chris Morrill - Libertarian Party

State Treasurer

Judy Baker - Democratic Party

Eric Schmidt - Republican Party (won)

Sean O’Toole - Libertarian Party

Carol Hexem - Green Party

Attorney General

Teresa Hensley - Democratic Party

Josh Hawley - Republican Party (won)

U.S. Representative District 4

Gordon Christensen - Democratic Party

Vicky Hartzler - Republican Party (won)

Mark Bliss - Libertarian Party

State Senator District 19

Stephen Webber - Democratic Party

Caleb Rowden - Republican Party (won)

State Representative District 46

Martha Stevens - Democratic Party (won)

Don Waterman - Republican Party

Circuit Judge Circuit 13 Division 2

Jeff Harris - Democratic Party (won)

Boone County Assessor

Tom Schauwecker - Democratic Party (won)

County Treasurer

Tom Darrough - Democratic Party (won)

Public Administrator

Sonja Boone - Democratic Party (won)


Dwayne Carey - Democratic Party (won)

Associate Commissioner District 2

Janet Thompson - Democratic Party

Brenndan Riddles - Republican Party

Missouri Supreme Court

Richard B. Teitelman




Constitutional Amendment 1 — Sales tax to benefit soil and water conservation



Constitutional Amendment 2 — Limits on campaign contributions



Constitutional Amendment 3 — Cigarette tax to benefit education



Constitutional Amendment 4 — Prohibition of new state or local sales



Constitutional Amendment 6 — In favor of a voter ID requirement



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