Maneater Long Reads: But you don't look sick

Chronic illnesses often leave students feeling alone, something senior Farah El-Jayyousi hoped to change with her club, Chronically Awesome.

Sitting at her computer, Farah El-Jayyousi navigated her way to her Tumblr dashboard. Instead of scrolling through her feed as she usually did, she moved her cursor to the search bar.

Her summer had been filled with trips to the endocrinologist. Blood tests and doctor’s visits happened every week or so. She had been poked with needles so many times the insides of her elbows had bruises.

In an instant, posts by people her own age sharing their experiences with thyroid cancer, experiences she could relate to, filled her screen.

“It was kind of exciting,” Farah said. “Not exciting that there were other people who had cancer, but that there were other people that had my same experiences who were my age and were talking about them. I felt like I wasn't alone.”

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