Biggest Megaphone for Students: Stephen Webber

This story is part of our 2010-11 Mizzou in Review series.

The Maneater selected Rep. Stephen Webber, D-Columbia, as the biggest megaphone for students. Webber again and again shows his dedication to fighting for students, whether debating for a voting student curator or battling against budget cuts to MU.
Manifested especially in his speech in favor of a voting student curator, Webber is not afraid to go against popular demand when he believes his position is in the interest of students. He is worried of the continuing trend for legislators in the General Assembly to cut from the budget funding for MU.

"The reality is we're funding the university at a lower level in real dollars than we were in 2000," Webber said. "My first year we cut the budget 5 percent, the next year we cut it another 5 percent and this year we're going to cut it between 4 and 7 percent." Webber said he would graduate from MU's law school either in 2013 or 2014, and he will continue fighting for the student voice in Missouri's House.

"Students are an important part of Columbia, and I love Columbia and I love the University," Webber said. "If I lose, I'm going to go down screaming as loud as I can."

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