Cities come to life on stage

Greek pairings face off during a three day talent competition.
A member of Delta Delta Delta hits a high note during an acoustic cover. Delta Delta Delta was paired with Sigma Chi and Beta Sigma Psi for Homecoming.

Skits, songs, dances, acting and comedy are all on display during the Homecoming Talent Production 6:30 p.m. Monday-Wednesday at Jesse Auditorium.

Senior Matthew Hinck, one of the emcees for this year’s talent show, said that the talent show is many people’s favorite part about Homecoming Week.

“It gives people a chance to show off their talents and to show that the creativity in these groups is through the roof,” he said.

The skits in the talent show are performed by Greek pairings put together last semester. The pairings come up with a script, a set, costumes, props and anything else related to the performance.

This year’s participation theme for Homecoming is cities. Therefore, all of the skits taking place on stage will be related to each Greek pairing’s city.

Homecoming Tri-Director Katie Ottolin said that this is a great opportunity that students should not miss out on.

“(Students) can buy tickets at the box office for the actual show, go to The Shack for a watch party and free food, or even watch it with some friends at home online,” she said. “(Students) should definitely tune in because the talent is incredible.”

Junior Kari Schram, another emcee for the show, said that the show is so popular because it is exciting to watch.

“It’s a chance for these students to get onstage and show their excitement and pride for their chapters to a huge audience, and that’s fun to see,” Schram said.

This event not only showcases Greek chapters but also non-Greek students who will be performing as in-between acts.

“The in-between acts are a lot of fun,” Hinck said. “They really keep the energy at the event up while the groups change scenes, and it really allows students to show off their talents.”

The show also reflects the values of the Greek community and can negate negative stereotypes about the Greek community, Ottolin said.

“It showcases the hard work and dedication the Greek community,” Ottolin said. “It unites them together to put on an amazing event for the community, alumni and students.”

Schram said that this event is a perfect example of how hard the Greek community works.

“These students are pushing themselves to do this show outside of school work and other extra-curricular activities that they’re a part of,” Schram said. “They’re getting involved and being leaders and showing their pride for their chapters.”

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