MSA President Twitter was an embarrassment

The Twitter account was used for personal, unprofessional purposes.

If you scroll back through the @MSAPresident Twitter account, you’ll see tweets congratulating student organizations, announcing events and informing students about the Missouri Students Association. Or, at least you will until you scroll back past Dec. 14. Don’t let Nick Droege’s name and photo fool you — these are the tweets of our former MSA President Xavier Billingsley.

For an entire year, Billingsley shared his stream of consciousness to the student body, tweeting things like “My dad’s boots are awesome #southernproper” on Feb. 3 and “Yeah buddy rolling like a big shot” on July 1 and even “Ahhhhhhhh I’m so crunk right now #msaelections” on Nov. 7.

It's fun to relive Billingsley’s @MSAPresident Twitter feed: We celebrated the holidays with Billingsley, such as on May 5, “Philisophy is that wall blocking me from Cinco De Mayo and my sombrero.” He reminisced about his “ratchet days” on Sept. 11, cheered on Team USA in the Olympics on July 27 with “AYYYEYEEEEE #TeamUSA” and celebrated joining the SEC on July 1 with “Ya boy is getting emotional with it. #SEC14 #SoProud.”

Through all the misspelled, irrelevant and occasionally incoherent @MSAPresident tweets, Billingsley had us laughing.

But should we be laughing?

The MSA president before Billingsley, Eric Woods, called out Billingsley’s tweets saying, “Was that a sentence? Is that what they’re teaching you in your classes this semester?” to which Billingsley responded, “SHUT UP ERIC!”

These tweets would have been fine had Billingsley tweeted them from his personal account, @DJXJ – which he often invited “join the party and follow him at” – but they were from the MSA President account, which is read by prospective students, administrators and the entire student body.

More importantly, though, the MSA president is supposed to represent the student body through all his interactions, including Twitter.

Billingsley didn’t seem to think so. Instead, his Twitter feed was unprofessional and used for fun. Billingsley said he has the “best tweets west of the Mississippi.” – we’ll at least give you the most interesting, XJ.

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