Top 5 most influential students: Sophia and Theresa Mullineaux

Seniors Sophia Mullineaux, left, and Theresa Mullineaux, right, pose for portraits on May 6, 2014, in the MU Student Center.

Identical twins Sophia and Theresa Mullineaux share more than long dark hair, big smiles and glasses. Throughout their four years at MU, the seniors have shared a strong presence of involvement.

The sisters, both finance and banking majors, have participated in a number of organizations around campus. Each is a member of the Kappa Delta sorority and honor society Omicron Delta Kappa, and they both have participated in Mizzou Alternative Breaks, the Cornell Leadership Program, Walton’s Scholars and the College of Business Ambassadors.

The two have been involved with some of these organizations since their freshman year.

“Getting involved was just a good way to meet people,” Theresa said, “just because Mizzou is a really big campus. So as a freshman it can kind of seem scary and daunting, but being able to get involved really shrinks the campus down.”

Out of all the organizations they’re a part of, there are ones that stand apart from the rest. For Theresa, it’s Mizzou Alternative Breaks; for Sophia, it’s the Cornell Leadership Program.

Sophia said participating in the Cornell Leadership Program has given her the opportunity to form friendships over the years.

“That’s where I made my closest friends in college,” Sophia said. “We take our classes together in the business school, and they just kind of have the same career goals I do, too.”

Theresa said as the Mizzou Alternative Breaks program has grown, it has allowed her to grow as a person as well.

“(The first trip) was really a learning opportunity for me,” Theresa said. “It’s really a group of strangers coming together and then becoming really good friends at the end of it.”

After going on her first Alternative Spring Break trip as a freshman, Theresa was a site leader for two trips before she was selected to be the executive director her senior year.

Last fall, Theresa and Sophia were both named as part of the Homecoming Royalty Top 30. Theresa continued into the top five and was crowned queen at the Homecoming football game.

Theresa said she only heard the “Tuh,” of “Theresa” when her name was called.

“I turned to (senior) Paul (Ehlinger), and I’m like, ‘This has to be a joke, this can’t be happening,’ ” Theresa said. “I never, ever thought that I would have won.”

Sophia said she was nothing but excited when Theresa was named Homecoming queen.

“It was incredible,” Sophia said. “I really enjoyed getting that experience with Theresa. … We’re just really close. When you’re that close to someone you can really, genuinely be happy for them.”

Though she didn’t continue past Homecoming Royalty Top 30, Sophia went on to be crowned Greek Week queen this spring.

“Just as Theresa said, I heard the ‘So’ part, and Theresa came running over,” Sophia said. “That was a really cool thing which I didn’t get the chance to do because you can’t just rush Faurot Field, but that was just awesome. It was a very good twin moment to get to share together.”

As their time as students draws to a close, the two are happy they have had such a big presence on campus.

“I think that Mizzou has really become a home,” Theresa said. “I’ve grown up so much since I’ve been here at Mizzou, and it’s been really nice to have all those people there along the way with me.”

Sophia is grateful for the people she has been able to meet, the friendships she has formed and the experiences each organization has given her.

“I’m graduating in four weeks, and I’m really sad to be leaving Mizzou, not only the place but also the people here,” Sophia said. “And I wouldn’t have gotten to meet the same people or become as close to them if I hadn’t been involved in some of the same activities.”

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