Gant, Allen arrested on charges of assault

The charges are misdemeanors.

Missouri basketball freshmen Jakeenan Gant and D’Angelo Allen were arrested Sunday around 2 a.m. on third-degree assault charges.

According to police records, Allen and Gant were arrested with a third man, Michael Martin.

“We are aware of the situation involving Jakeenan Gant and D’Angelo Allen and have suspended them from team-related activities as we gather more information,” Missouri coach Kim Anderson said in a statement. “We have high standards for the conduct of our student-athletes and expect much more from them as members of our program.”

All three men were released on signature summons, according to police records.

Third-degree assault is a misdemeanor charge.

Police records show that there were three victims in the incident, which allegedly occurred at Eighth and Elm streets.

Columbia Police Department spokeswoman Latisha Stroer said in an email that three male victims were walking east on Elm Street, “when they were jumped by three to four black males.” According to Stroer, one of the suspects dropped his wallet during the alleged assault.

The MU Police Department stopped three black males who matched the description given by the alleged victims, according to Stroer. She said that one of the men who was stopped was Gant, whose wallet was left at the scene. The other two men, Stroer said, were Allen and Martin. She said that “the witnesses identified all three black males as the suspects who assaulted them.”

The records show there was also a witness to the alleged incident. The names of the witness and victims were held as confidential.

Listed under weapons for the incident are hands, fists and feet.

ESPN ranked Gant, a four-star recruit from Springfield, Georgia, as the 53rd best player in the country in the class of 2014 and the best player in Georgia.

Allen, a three-star recruit from Dallas, was the No. 1 player in Texas in the class of 2014, according to ESPN.

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