Keith Shamburger talks 2015-16 Tigers basketball

Shamburger led Missouri’s basketball team in assists last year averaging 3.9 per game and was fourth in points per game with 8.8.
Former Missouri Tigers guard Keith Shamburger (14) in action Feb. 7, 2015, at Mizzou Arena. Maneater File Photo

The Maneater talked with former Missouri point guard Keith Shamburger about this year’s team and the start of coach Kim Anderson’s second season.

The Maneater: Looking back on last season, what are your thoughts?

Keith Shamburger: My thoughts on last year are positive. We had a good, young team, which I think learned a lot last year. Last year, we got their feet wet. This year, I think you will see them all succeed this year.

ME: What are your thoughts on the way Kim Anderson ran his team in practices, in games, etc. and what do you think are coach Anderson’s strengths?

KS: I liked the way practice was run because he made us work hard and compete against one another, which made the practices competitive. He's a guy who wants to win and he will do what it takes. His strengths are knowing how to talk to people. (He’s a) caring man, (has a) great family and puts successful people around you to help you be a successful person after you leave Mizzou. He also takes big pride in the fact that he went there.

ME: What do you know about this year’s team? They’ve had transfers but have brought in some new guys. Any thoughts on them?

KS: They still have Wes Clark, Jakeenan Gant, D’Angelo Allen, Tremaine Isbell, Jimmy Barton, Ryan Rosburg, Namon Wright and Hayden Barnard. They are a good group of guys who always worked hard, and I know they got better and they know what to expect, so I believe they will have the whole team ready when it all starts.

ME: Terrence Phillips is a guy I’m sure you’ve had conversations with on visits and such. What do you think of him as a guy and a player?

KS: I think Terrence is a good point guard and he will learn a lot from Wes and TI because both of the guys come to work everyday and push each other. That's what I like about practice the most — competing against them because we went at it. I think they will go as far as Wes takes them. He has a lot of talent that people haven’t seen yet so I think this will be a huge year for my boy Wes.

ME: Where do you think this Mizzou program is headed? On the up, or not?

KS: I think the program is on the up. Like I said, we went through a lot last year and had a lot of young talented guys who will be ready to show everybody how good they are. I know Anderson pushes them and makes sure he gets the most out of them everyday. The people he puts around you and everybody out there supporting you makes you want to win every game. It makes it one big family trying to accomplish one big goal. I think they will be ready to do it.

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