Missouri football fans, students adjust to new clear bag policy

A rule change permits only 12x6x12 clear bags in Memorial Stadium.
MU Athletics

Amid the action that surrounded Missouri football’s 72-43 win over Missouri State on Saturday, one new development went rather overlooked — the first game with Memorial Stadium’s clear bag policy.

Starting this season, Missouri, along with the rest of the Southeastern Conference, is implementing a clear bag policy for all SEC stadiums. Fans are not permitted to bring in any non-transparent bags, as well as any bag larger than 12 inches by 6 inches by 12 inches.

Last season, fans were permitted to bring in larger bags such as purses.

"SEC football stadiums are among the largest venues in the world of sports, so safety and security are issues that must always remain a priority for our events," SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey said in a media release. "We believe this policy is an important enhancement to the security measures already put in place by our institutions.”

Missouri fans weren’t too surprised with the rule changes. The NFL implemented a similar clear bag policy to the SEC’s in 2013.

“I was pretty familiar with it, having attended Kansas City Chiefs’ games before,” Missouri football fan Karen Brown said. “I’ve been attending Mizzou games for probably 30 years. This doesn’t make that much of a difference.”

Missouri students, on the other hand, weren’t exactly pleased. One expressed that the changes from last year weren’t made clear.

“They didn’t make it clear to the students that we needed a clear bag,” sophomore Claire Cook said. “I had to walk what felt like six miles all the way back to my car because I had my purse. I have no qualms with them just searching it.”

In March, Mizzou Athletics announced the changes through a release on its website.

In addition, Missouri's official student section, Tiger’s Lair, was notified of the policy at its annual preseason orientation. The group held a clear bag giveaway for students during Saturday's game.

Missouri will host seven home games this season, including one for each Saturday in September.

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