Notebook: Bryant takes reigns on first day of fall camp

One of Missouri’s three other quarterbacks, Shawn Robinson, was denied an immediate eligibility waiver by the NCAA earlier this week.
Quarterback Kelly Bryant warms up alongside his teammates on the second day of Missouri's fall camp. The Tigers play their first game of the season on the road at Wyoming on Aug. 31. Madeline Carter

With a new quarterback at its helm for the first time in four years, Missouri football started fall camp on Friday.

“You talk to any coach in America and they’re excited about day one, and I am too,” coach Barry Odom said. “Every year is different. Every team is different and the approach that this team has had throughout winter conditioning, spring ball, summer ball and then now into the first part of camp. We got a lot of video to go through [to] kind of see the progress that we’ve made.”

Graduate quarterback Kelly Bryant was also excited for the start of camp and said he has been since spring.

“Just to get back in the groove of things,” Bryant said. “That was a good first day. Good starting point for us.”

As one of the newest members of Odom’s team, Bryant wasn’t afraid to let his personality show while appearing in front of the media following practice. He kept his helmet on during interviews, teasing that no one would see his face until the last day of camp.

“I just want to be different,” Bryant said.

Offensive coordinator Derek Dooley said Bryant’s personality is starting to show on the field as well.

“He’s comfortable with what we’re doing, he knows what we’re doing, so he’s able to really be himself,” Dooley said. “Exercise kind of his personality on the field and with the other guys on the team.”

Robinson waiver denied

Junior quarterback Shawn Robinson had his transfer waiver request denied by the NCAA earlier this week. Robinson had announced his decision to transfer to Missouri from Texas Christian University in December 2018.

“You don’t really get a reason why if [the waiver is] passed or not,” Odom said. “This one was denied and I know there’s a bunch of them in the world of college football right now that for whatever reason got accepted and there were some that didn’t. We’ll live with it.”

Odom was unsure whether the team still has an appeal available for use.

Redshirt sophomore Taylor Powell is listed as the backup for Bryant on the preseason depth chart. Powell had six completions for 134 yards last season. Redshirt junior Lindsey Scott Jr. and freshman Connor Bazelak are also available this season but were not listed on the depth chart.

“Each one of [the quarterbacks] does things well, differently and each one of them has things they gotta manage to improve on differently,” Dooley said. “It’s really about finding what they need to do to help move the ball, score points and minimize negatives.”

Williams reinstated after misdemeanor

Redshirt junior defensive lineman Tre Williams was reinstated after pleading guilty to a reduced misdemeanor charge in July, the team confirmed Wednesday.

Williams was initially charged with second-degree domestic assault after a Dec. 9, 2018, arrest following an incident with his ex-girlfriend. The charge was reduced to a misdemeanor first-offense peace disturbance when he entered his plea with the Boone County Circuit Court on July 11.

Missouri conducted no investigation of its own.

“I’ve learned: You get all the information, you get all the facts and then you make an informed decision,” Odom said. “And through the process of the last eight months or however long it’s been, went through with the proceedings in court and I feel very strongly about how we handled this case and how we’ve handled every one that we’ve had since I became the head coach.”

South end zone revealed

Missouri officially moved into the south end zone on Thursday, sharing photos of the team’s reactions on its social media platforms.

The $98 million facility includes a new locker room and weight room for the football team, which called a group of trailers its home last season. There’s also a hydrotherapy room and a barber shop.

“It’s really neat because they’re not even done with it fully, so just seeing what they have done and what’s all functional right now it’s just, wow,” Bryant said. “You know they really put their time in it. I try to go by and see all the workers and tell them thank you.”

Besides the amenities for the football team, the south end zone facility also includes new suites, club level seats and a field-level, member-only club.

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