Missouri softball ties Kentucky series with 9–2 win

A sloppy Kentucky defense allowed Missouri to avenge the Tigers’ Friday loss.
Redshirt senior shortstop Sami Fagan looks on toward the plate as the sun sets over the right field fence during the second game against Wichita State on April 13. The Tigers had a double header against Wichita State and won both games.

The Missouri softball team regained their momentum as they defeated No. 12 Kentucky 9–2 in the second game of the Southeastern Conference series. The No. 18 Tigers fell just short of a comeback Friday night, losing 7–6, but didn’t let it happen again Saturday as they faced an all-blue Kentucky crowd.

Missouri took advantage of a sloppy Kentucky defense by hitting hard, stealing bases and, ultimately, running home. Kentucky had six errors throughout the game.

The Tigers were able to score two runs in the top of the second inning to get on the board first, and they followed that up with two home runs in the top of the fourth inning. Sophomore Amanda Sanchez hit a solo home run to start the team off, and freshman Kolby Romaine slammed a two-run shot to left in her first career start as a Tiger.

Missouri scored Friday with a double steal by seniors Taylor Gadbois and Emily Crane, and Crane was back at it with senior Sami Fagan to get the double steal and score a run in the top of the fifth inning.

Two more errors by the Kentucky defense and then a Mizzou double and single allowed for Missouri to take a commanding lead over the Wildcats by the bottom of the seventh inning.

Missouri defense was a little shaky throughout the game, with a couple of wild pitches by sophomore left-handed pitcher Paige Lowary to allow Kentucky runners threaten to score. Lowary, however, did what she did best and was able to get out of those tight innings by throwing strikeouts and relying on the Missouri outfield to catch balls and make the plays.

A wild pitch by Lowary in the bottom of the second inning and an RBI in the bottom of the seventh inning were the two runs scored by Kentucky offense. The Tigers didn’t let any more happen, however, and ultimately tied the series with this win.

The final game of the series will be played at noon Sunday.

Edited by Alec Lewis | alewis@themaneater.com

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