Q&A: Georgia football writer talks predictions, players to watch

In a conversation with The Maneater, Wilson Alexander previews the SEC clash between Missouri and Georgia.
Missouri plays in a 2015 game against Georgia. Maneater File Photo

Missouri hosts Georgia in its Southeastern Conference opener at 6:30 p.m. Saturday as the Tigers look to improve to 2-1.

Wilson Alexander, who covers football as an assistant sports editor for The Red and Black, Georgia’s student newspaper, spoke with The Maneater’s Nick Kelly about what to expect Saturday.

The Maneater: What is Georgia’s biggest strength?

Wilson Alexander: Nick Chubb is the biggest strength himself, really. He is being hindered by the offensive line right now, but Chubb is a possible Heisman candidate. He’s had an incredible recovery from his injury and is back in full form. He’s definitely their biggest strength.

ME: What is Georgia’s biggest weakness?

WA: It seems that right now, it’s the offensive line, which is a little surprising. You would think it might be the quarterback because no one really knows who the quarterback is, but the offensive line has been struggling with a lot of moving parts there. They kind of played a couple of different people. But I would definitely say it’s the offensive line right now.

ME: Who are three players to watch on Georgia?

WA: I’ll try not to repeat Chubb, but other than Chubb, I would say Isaiah McKenzie, the wide receiver and punt returner. He is electric.

Malcolm Parrish, a cornerback. He is undersized, and people have been going after him the endzone. He’s been scored on once, but he broke up a pass against North Carolina. I would say he is another guy to watch for.

The third would probably be Trent Thompson, a defensive tackle. He is a stud and had a really good game against Nicholls. It kind of went a little unnoticed because of how bad Georgia struggled in that game.

Those three outside of Chubb are some of Georgia’s key players.

ME: Who on Missouri’s offense or defense poses the biggest threat to Georgia?

WA: On the offense, it looks like Drew Lock. He had such a good game against Eastern Michigan. (Georgia head coach) Kirby (Smart) said he was worried about him. They are worried about trying to play him and game plan for him. On the defense, probably Aarion Penton. Georgia’s quarterbacks are (Jacob) Eason who can sling it, but he’s young. Then there is Greyson Lambert, who can be a little hesitant in his throws. Penton is an interception machine so far this year.

ME: What is your prediction for this game and for who will play at quarterback for Georgia?

WA: For quarterback, expect to see both guys. They have played both guys in both of the first two games. Who starts? We will probably find out sometime tonight or tomorrow after some reports. But expect to see both guys out there.

For my prediction for the game, I am going to go with Georgia. My gut is saying Georgia, although I am not super confident because Missouri could definitely win this game. I am going to go with Georgia, though, 27-21.

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