Q&A: Missouri basketball’s Kim Anderson talks South Carolina win

Kim Anderson: “Three weeks ago, we would have lost that game maybe by 10 points, so I think it says something about the maturity level our guys have gotten to."
Missouri guard Terrence Phillips (1) attempts to fake out charging South Carolina defenders before going up for a layup on Feb. 16 in Mizzou arena.

Missouri defeated South Carolina 72-67 on Tuesday night in coach Kim Anderson’s first back-to-back SEC wins in his tenure. Senior center Ryan Rosburg excelled for the fourth straight game, and freshman guard Terrence Phillips played well. Here’s everything they had to say afterward:

Kim Anderson

On Wes Clark: “I'll start off and address the Wes Clark situation and certainly the statement that we put out speaks for itself. From a personal standpoint I'd like to wish Wes the best. We're going to move on as a program; (we) appreciate everything he did and that's all I'm going to say about it.”

On the win: “The game, I’m really proud of these guys. The three keys coming in were fast breaks — trying to control their break — rebounding and paint touches and we talked about these for the last couple of days. We outrebounded them and they are so good on the boards, they are such a physical team. They do such a great job of rebounding and we were able to go to out-rebound them tonight, have more second chance points. We outscored them in the paint which we thought was really key. Great job by a bunch of guys. We had guys come off of the bench and make plays and that's what we needed. But, I'm proud of these guys because they continue to work and I thought tonight they were ready.

On first back-to-back SEC wins: “There were probably a lot of firsts since we only won three last year. These guys have worked really hard, they were unbelievably ready tonight. Three weeks ago, we would have lost that game maybe by 10 points, so I think it says something about the maturity level our guys have gotten to.”

On momentum from Saturday: "I think the big key is getting off to a good start and I do think they have a little confidence. I think Saturday's game was huge for them because when you lose like nine in a row, and guys were down, that game Saturday really helped them.”

On South Carolina’s Hack-a-Rosburg strategy: “He's a guy who doesn't get to play in the postseason ever again. So I'm going to ride the horse. He stepped up and I don't remember what his percentage was, he banged a few, but he's earned that opportunity to be in there and I was happy he made the free throws that he made.”

On Terrence Phillips: “He brings a whole different attitude to the floor. He’s a really coachable guy, a smart basketball player, you know, I listen to him sometimes. He’ll have an idea and I’ll see what he thinks. He’s thinking the game.”

On KJ Walton: “I thought he was struggling a little bit as all freshman do, but he did a great job tonight. He made the three which was big, he’s a guy who’s slippery, so I was really happy to see him have a good game. We need him.”

Terrence Phillips

On Tramaine’s first half production: “It’s that next man up mentality. He came to play tonight and so did Jimmy Barton when Tramaine needed a break. Tramaine had 10 points and those are big for us and it just has to be that next-man-up mentality.”

On carryover from Saturday: “It probably is a carryover just feeling good, but at the same time, whether we were going to beat Tennessee or not, we were going to come out here and fight.”

On Ryan Rosburg’s production: “Ryan’s been playing well for us. And he did it tonight with free throws and a big pass down the stretch. He’s been playing well and I hope his senior year continues like that.”

On talk with Coach Rob Fulford: “We had a conversation before the game and he said I was going to have to make plays tonight but to not force it and that’s what kind of happened tonight. I found Namon on a trail, KJ for a big layup, so I kind of just made plays for our team.”

On way guys are playing: “You guys know from everything that’s gone on this year, this has been a tough year here. We came into practice every day and every game just competing and fighting hard and it’s really showing right now and I’m pretty proud of our guys and hopefully we continue it throughout these last five games.”

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