SEC Network tells Michael Sam’s story with company of L’Damian Washington and Marvin Foster

Mizzou’s Michael Sam is back, and his story’s been told.

Michael Sam is back. He’s back with his family, he’s back at home, he’s back at Mizzou.

Now a graduate student, Sam’s back at Harpo’s on weekend nights, back in classrooms surrounding the Columns and Jesse Hall, back near Faurot Field.

And at 8 p.m. Tuesday night, on the SEC Network, a film titled “Tigers United” will run on the trek that was the 2013 Cotton-Bowl-winning season. But more, the bond that was created between Sam and teammates L’Damian Washington and Marvin Foster.

The information in the film, which is narrated by Hassan Johnson, who plays the role of “Wee-Bey” on HBO’s “The Wire,” won’t be new. The presentation of it, though, will be, and it’ll make you appreciate the 2013 season that much more.

Washington and Foster talk about Sam’s sexuality in the film, among many things. They talk about the campus, coach Gary Pinkel and even Sam’s game-winning sack-fumble to win the Cotton Bowl.

“The first thing that people automatically assumed when you’re cool with someone like Michael Sam (was), ‘Oh, are you gay, too?’” Washington said. “But when I got to college at first I was kind of an odd-ball. But Mike and Marvin never judged me. They were my friends. That’s what made me be like, ‘Mike, whatever you do, I’ve got your back regardless.’

“No one looked at Mike as the gay guy, we looked at him as Michael Sam the football player.”

Ever since he came out in 2013, Sam’s ridden the tumultuous wave of a journeyman in the NFL. After being cut by the St. Louis Rams and the Dallas Cowboys just a year ago, Sam went to Canada to play in the CFL but has since decided to come back to the place that made him.

You’ll see tidbits of Sam talking with prospective students. You’ll see tidbits of Foster talking about his career-ending bicep injury. You’ll see the three former Tigers walk through the tunnel, reminiscing the greatest times of their lives.

With a few claps and a Muhammed Ali punch, Sam celebrates. He’s back, and his story has been told.

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