Takeaways: Lock struggles, Tigers lose 40-14 to Florida

Drew Lock turned threw two pick-sixes in his worst performance of the year.
Florida fans cheer in the team's win over Missouri in Gainesville.

For the second straight game, Missouri’s offense underwhelmed.

The Florida Gators blew out the Tigers 40-14. Missouri turned the ball over three times in the loss.

The loss marked the second game in a row that the Tigers were blown out. Here are three takeaways from what turned out to be a dismal game for Missouri fans:

Lock’s eyes lead to loss:

Before each play, Drew Lock makes a pre-snap read based on what he sees in the opposing defense.

He identifies whether a defensive back is playing press coverage or is off the line, where a linebacker will theoretically move and what the opposing safeties will be helping with. If he makes all of these reads correctly, he often finds an open receiver.

The issue is if the one receiver he keys in on before the play turns out not to be open, Lock fails to look elsewhere.

Instead, he stares down the receiver, allowing the opposing defense to know exactly where he is throwing if they just look to his eyes. For teams like Florida, which boasts one of the nation’s premier cornerbacks in Jalen Tabor, looking to the quarterback’s eyes is almost second nature.

Lock’s eyes surrendered two pick-sixes to the Florida defense. The two interceptions crushed any confidence the Missouri offense had coming into the game. He finished the day with a quarterback rating of 18.2, his lowest of the season.

Defense sees improvements:

After the Louisiana State thrashing, the Missouri defense held a players and coaches meeting to air its concerns. The meeting resulted in a simpler scheme, simpler reads from the line and the best performance the Missouri defense has turned in this season.

Don’t let the scoreline or statistics fool you; the Missouri defense dominated in Gainesville. The Tigers forced Florida quarterback Luke Del Rio to throw three interceptions and had the opportunity to steal away two more.

Missouri also forced two fumbles, one of which was recovered. The defense only really allowed 20 of Florida’s 40 points. Not too bad for a defense that was on the field for nearly 37 minutes.

Odom still winless against the Power Five:

Barry Odom’s Tigers have underwhelmed in his six games as head coach.

Missouri is now 2-4 under Odom and has yet to beat a Power Five school. Not only have the Tigers not beaten a school from a major conference, they have struggled to come close.

In Missouri’s four games against Power Five schools, the Tigers have been outscored 136-59. The Tigers have turned the ball over a total of 10 times in those four games.

Odom’s next game against a Power Five opponent will be on Oct. 29 against Kentucky. The home game against the Wildcats will be his first against a major team that does not have a winning record.

Edited by Peter Baugh | pbaugh@themaneater.com

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