Through lightning delay, Missouri soccer ties

Mizzou passed the rain delay by dancing and singing.

After an hour-long storm delay, the Missouri soccer team (2-1-2) took the field at home for the first time this season against Northwestern (3-1-1) on Friday night, ending in a 0-0 tie after double overtime.

The Tigers got off to a strong start, taking four shots before the Wildcats finally took their first in the 12th minute.

The game was suspended by a storm for one hour halfway through the second half, causing the remainder of the game to be played on a drenched and muddy field.

“It’s challenging,” senior midfielder Kaysie Clark said of the playing conditions. “It’s a factor that plays a big part of the game. It’s kind of annoying but we’ve got to do it, so we came out and played.” Clark had five shots with two on goal in the 102 minutes she played.

Despite the rough conditions, the Tigers outshot Northwestern 24-6 with twice as many on goal.

“Considering all of the elements and all of the stoppage, they remained focused and they played a Northwestern with good players up front,” Mizzou coach Bryan Blitz said. “With all things considered, I think we had a good performance.”

Sophomore defender Erin Webb made an appearance on the offensive push, leading the game in shots with seven, although most were off target.

With one minute left in double overtime, Webb had a promising shot that went just barely off target.

“In overtime, we’re all exhausted,” she said. “If I had been able to come up with it, it would’ve helped our team and we could have had the game over with, but unfortunately, I hit it wide.”

Although Mizzou had a difficult match, coach Blitz said the team was in good spirits during the delay. He said they were telling jokes and singing.

The Tigers play their next game against Tennessee–Martin at Walton Stadium on Sunday, followed by three more at home through Sept. 19.

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