Tigers topple top-ranked Sooners, 36-27

The Tigers are off to a 7-0 start for the first time in 50 years.
Missouri tailback De'Vion Moore celebrates after scoring a touchdown in the first half agasint Oklahoma on Saturday. The Tigers defeated the Sooners with a score of 36-27.

Missouri outlasted Oklahoma Saturday night at Faurot Field to improve to 7-0 on the season for the first time in 50 years.

After scoring on the opening kickoff return, the Tigers maintained the lead for nearly the entire game. A handful of big plays and turnovers on both sides kept the end result a tossup until the final minutes.

The Sooners quickly tied it up after the Tigers struck early, setting the tone for the back-and-forth battle that would ensue.

Both sides were solid on defense in the red zone and with the other team in scoring position. The Tigers forcing a fumble and making two interceptions while the Sooners threatened.

On the other end, Oklahoma held the Missouri offense to a field goal in two instances where they were just a few feet from the goal line.

“It’s a huge win, not only for this team but for the university and the state,” junior quarterback Blaine Gabbert said. “We haven’t beat Oklahoma in an extremely long time, and to upset a No.1 on any given night is a tremendous feat.”

Gabbert threw 30-for-42 for 308 yards and a touchdown in the win, connecting with 10 different targets including the four running backs.

“I’m very proud of Blaine,” coach Gary Pinkel said. “How he handled himself and made plays. He was smart with the football and just not throwing any interceptions.”

Junior wideout Jerrell Jackson was the primary recipient of Gabbert’s numbers, racking up 139 yards and a touchdown on nine receptions.

“I really wanted to thank the free safety on that play because I caught the ball and was falling,” Jackson said. “But from him hitting me gave me my balance back and helped me score that touchdown.”

Other leaders included junior wide receiver Wes Kemp with 71 yards and sophomore tight end Michael Egnew with 7 catches.

The Tigers put up strong numbers on the ground as well, outrushing the Sooners for the first time in years. The Missouri running backs ran for 178 yards, with junior De’Vion Moore and freshman Henry Josey heading up the group.

Moore put up 73 yards and touchdown on 10 carries.

“We get excited when were capable of running the ball like that,” Moore said. “We expect to be able to run the ball well, and when its not working for us we just pride ourselves on working harder until we eventually get it. Tonight, we got it.”

The ones that made all that running and passing possible was the Missouri offensive linemen. They gave Gabbert time in the pocket, allowed zero sacks and opened up holes for the running game all night.

“I have to give all the credit in the world to our offensive line,” Gabbert said. “They did an extremely good job winning the battle in the trenches, and that’s why we were successful tonight.”

Next up for the undefeated Tigers is a trip to Lincoln, Nebraska next Saturday to take on the Cornhuskers.

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