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Faculty Council hears reorganization administration positions, gets a say in which moldy books will be permanently withdrawn

The council also heard an update on the provost search committee.

MU has changed the role of vice chancellor for university affairs, formerly held by Vice Chancellor Emerita Chris Koukola, to vice chancellor for marketing and communication, Interim Provost Ken Dean told Faculty Council during its April 4 meeting.

“It’s a change in title but it’s the same effect,” Dean said.

The chancellor has also selected all members of the permanent provost search committee, Dean said.

The committee will be chaired by Judy Wall, who is currently a Curators' professor of biochemistry and joint curators' professor of molecular microbiology & immunology. The other members will be eight faculty members, a dean, a staff member, a graduate student, an undergraduate student, an MU alumnus and an extension member.

Dean said the provost candidates will be identified in the summer. They will be brought to campus, hopefully, in September, with the final candidate appointed by October and undertaking all of his or her duties by winter.

Faculty Council member Dan Hooley said that MU Libraries has promised faculty they will be able to prevent certain books from being withdrawn permanently from their collections, in light of recent efforts to remediate the 600,000 books affected by mold.

While Director of Libraries Jim Cogswell told the council on Feb. 27 that some books were beyond repair, Hooley said there will be a list available by Sept. 1 of books that are scheduled for ‘permanent withdrawal.’ Faculty will be able to examine the list and identify which books they would like to keep.

“If we want it, we can say, ‘we keep it,’” Hooley said.

Hooley also said MU Libraries still needs to determine which contractor to hire for remediation and how much the university will have to delve into insurance funds to pay for the process.

Remediation funding in general is also still an issue the university is trying to address, Hooley said.

Facilities have been identified for housing and storing uncontaminated or clean books; Hooley did not specify which ones.

Vice Chancellor of Operations Gary Ward also spoke at the meeting about the Capital Review Committee, which is an advisory committee to the chancellor on issues concerning land and campus space utilization.

The committee will be chaired by an associate vice chancellor of facilities, co-chaired by the deputy provost, and have vice chancellors for University Affairs, Research, and Student Affairs representatives. Chief Financial Officer Rhonda Gibler will also be a part of the committee, with three Faculty Council appointed faculty, a staff advisory council representative, an MSA student representative and a Graduate Professional Council representative.

There will also be a Campus Facilities Planning Committee and Campus Space Utilization Committee, with similar staffing, that will specifically report to the committee. The Campus Facilities Planning Committee will review projects submitted by Campus Facilities Planning, Design and Construction, while the Campus Space Utilization Committee will examine space requests submitted by Campus Facilities Space Planning and Management.

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