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Faculty Council to request a part in provost search

The council voted unanimously to send a letter to Deaton’s successor.

Faculty Council will send an open letter to the next chancellor asking to include the council in the search for the next provost.

The letter, signed by Council Chairman Craig Roberts, states the council’s desire to be actively involved in selecting the next provost. It was previously a resolution initially proposed by Intercampus Faculty Council Committee Chairman Dennis Miller during a meeting Oct. 3.

The council unanimously voted to send the letter during its Oct. 31 meeting.

UM System President Tim Wolfe and Chancellor Brady Deaton attended the faculty council meeting as well.

UM System president talks funding

Wolfe said the search for the new chancellor is currently on schedule but will remain closed until an announcement happens around Nov. 15, which is the day Deaton is set to retire.

Wolfe also said the system’s total allocated funding for the four campuses will remain at $22 million, while reallocated funding amounts to $48 million.

Wolfe said MU had made significant improvements to the funding proposal it initially submitted in July.

The plan’s strengths included the organizational structure, through which One Mizzou was being implemented. The bringing together of constituents’ input had also significantly improved, he said.

Wolfe also said he liked the university’s planned departure from previous budgets’ models. The only weakness Wolfe said he saw in the plan was a lack of granular detail.

Chancellor gives AAU report

Deaton gave the Association of American Universities report and mentioned having a faculty task force to address the four principle measures the AAU uses to evaluate its members.

The four subcommittees have been meeting with deans and campus groups, Deaton said. Their findings revealed a need for more infrastructure and reallocation for the university’s faculty, as well as more coverage in high impact journals.

Deaton said the university needs to be more active about communicating with AAU. An additional area of improvement he mentioned was federal competitive research, specifically MU’s strong agricultural research.

Deaton also said that all council members should meet with their departments and respective deans to restructure rapid innovation funds.

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