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Faculty Council says snow days will not be made up, discusses campaign against sexual assault

Faculty Council said having an even number of snow days meant there was no compelling reason to make up one or the other.

Faculty Council voted to not make up the two MU snow days that occurred last week.

Faculty Affairs Committee chairwoman Nicole Monnier said having an even number of snow days meant there was no compelling reason to make up one or the other. The statement calls on the faculty and students to be flexible about adjusting their schedules and curriculums.

The statement also stated that individual faculty members who require students to make up the days cannot penalize them for conflicts with classes.

University Sexual Assault policy

Diversity Enhancement Committee and the Student Affairs Committee heads Rebecca Johnson and Tim Evans, respectively, said they have been meeting to discuss issues pertaining to campus sexual assault and are examining university policy.

The committees will look at what resources MU currently offers, and plan to talk to Deputy Chancellor Mike Middleton to make a campaign to focus on a big picture of campus safety with consistency across preventive and reactive procedures.

For Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April, the committees will also host a one-day seminar on alcohol.

The multi-pronged approach will hopefully engage students and faculty, Johnson said as she handed out Mizzou At-Risk info cards with information about sexual assault resources.

Loftin discusses search for new officials

Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin also visited the meeting and spoke to the faculty about the search for the next provost and journalism school dean.

The provost search will run through fall semester, when the final three or four candidates will be finalized. The chancellor said the search, which will remain confidential until those final candidates are announced, will extend past spring semester.

Loftin said he wanted to use summer to assemble a pool of applicants that matched a full description of the type of person Faculty Council wants.

Although not a concrete requirement, candidates would ideally come from peer institutions that were also in the Association of American Universities, Loftin said.

The chancellor plans to announce individuals on the provost search committee soon, saying he would add many Faculty Council members nominated by Council Chairman Craig Roberts.

“I want to have diversity in every measure that you can find,” Loftin said.

UM Press

UM Press Director David Rosenbaum also spoke about the new recommendations he had for the Missouri Press.

Rosenbaum said the press will now examine author credibility, the published material’s mission, the audience it will cater to, the costs to produce the book, and record the data on a book-by-book basis.

Journals such as ones for political science and journalism would also be updated yearly, and the press will look to expand into sciences.

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